Since the founding of the company in 1998 it has remained a policy of the owners and managing directors Mr. Bernd Wahl and Mr. Eric van Kesteren to offer and supply their clients with a complete system without interfaces.

The kpc-team consists of qualified specialists, including engineers, interior designers, architects, site supervisors, technicians and assembly workers. Our 20 staff members make up a team of professionals with exceptional knowledge in all aspects of kitchen technology from planning, technology through to realisation including not just the technical equipment but also tables, chairs, small equipment and table top accessories.

Our planning department consists of 6 CAD working places using the newest software for presentation of drawings and plans through to 3D visualization.

“Design – Execution – Service” represents the basis for a complete, tested and successful range of services for a sustainable development of the international market.


Our professional planning of kitchens and catering systems for hotels, catering outlets, restaurants, clinics, industrial canteens and hospitals is based on your exact requirements. Foundation for the planning is the actual version of the HOAI or concrete definitions such as budgets, building approvals, project development and appraisals.

Further parameters such as HACCP, local legal guidelines for the food industry and European law, workplace directives, building standards for kitchens, cold systems, regeneration, portioning and distribution systems, plumbing and air ventilation requirements are important elements for our daily planning works.

With our knowledge in kitchens, interior design, building technology and catering equipment we are capable of offering turn-key and economical solutions as a single partner for the client.