For two hundred years one great family has tended this land lovingly and expertly, constantly seeking ways to render our task more pleasurable.

Our love for these extraordinary Sicilian places has led us to labour to ensure that they are bountiful, and to express and exalt this culture and territory.

Tasca d’Almerita now has almost six hundred hectares planted with vines, and exports its produce to four continents. It lavishes care on guests in two of Sicily’s most stunning resorts, and produces the very best on each of its five estates. Seventy people in Sicily work with another 200 seasonal workers in the estates, with the haste-free dedication of long-term commitment. Because respect for the land you cultivate involves giving it time to breath, at its own calm rate; and because offering hospitality in exceptional places means observing the pace of man and land.

Over the past decade we have bought the Capofaro estate on the Aeolian island of Salina, blending hospitality with Malvasia wine production; we have begun production on Mount Etna on our Tascante estate; and we have expanded production in joint ventures – with the Whitaker Foundation on Mozia, and at Monreale with Sallier de la Tour. We have brought a new lease of life to production in Sicily, not always controlling the process from start to finish but working together with other concerns; ours is a contemporary story, with an eye to the future.

Because real, lasting, success is produced over time by the dedication of those involved.

Tasca d’Almerita brings time to life.